2014 Edition

Cintra Spirit 2014: two awards remain in Spain and the third traveled to Austin

Cintra headquarters took two of the awards were handed out this year, including the grand prize was the third award went to Cintra US. We could summarize the awards ceremony of the Cintra Spirit Awards 2014 held at Cintra headquarters in Madrid.
One year, they were joined by video professionals Madrid to Austin, and hundreds of employees followed the gala streaming from home or the workplace of the nine countries where Cintra operates.
The gala began as pluck the major events: the lights go out and it sounds a voice that recalls the beginnings of civilization as a series of spotlights illuminate a series of staggered located in vinyl windows. After summarizing the edition (121 applications submitted from the United States, Canada, Spain, Ireland and Portugal to increase again another year's record participation) Jackpot business achievement was unveiled. The restructuring team of Greece contracts received this award for achieving successful restructuring, renegotiation and refinancing of projects in Greece Ionia and Central Greece. After nearly four years of negotiations and analysis has been achieved as a group Ferrovial, Cintra therefore as Ferrovial Agroman, reduced or eliminated their exposure in such projects.
Jaime Aguirre, Director of HR of Ferrovial, and Ivan Gonzalez, Director of Cintra HR, presented the award to the team of Manuela Ampuero of the Legal Department, Jose Ramon Perez of the Bureau for Europe, José María Velao of the Directorate of Financial and Olga Polo Legal Department Economic Analysis.
Minutes later, the 120 attendees of the building Alfredo Mahou able to see the 40 professionals from Austin who came to this event, as the most innovative Initiative Prize, focused this 2014 in the dynamic pricing, crossed the pond for the third consecutive year . Managed, dynamic Pricing Team in Lanes has been the team to develop a dynamic pricing system that allows the collection of climate data in the areas of influence of our highways. The cross-analysis of these data with the driving habits of our users allows the development of pricing policies in the Managed Lanes, thus increasing revenues.
Nicolas Rubio, Director of Cintra US, and Michelle Miron, HR Manager at Cintra US, presented the award to Ricardo Sanchez of the Directorate of concessional Services, John Brady, Analyst Revenue Estrategic LBJ and Pablo Ferrando, Estrategic Revenue Manager LBJ.
Three were the finalists among the 68 applications received in 2014 Cintra Spirit category: Mercedes Zarco Directorate HR, Juan Sanchez Salas of the Directorate of Economic and Financial Analysis and Manuel Barrero Highway Directorate Portugal. Finally, the statuette went to Manuel Barrero, Directorate of Highways of Portugal, who received the award from Enrique Diaz-Rato, CEO of Cintra.

Thanks to all participants in this award because without their help this recognition program would not have been possible.




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