2015 Edition

The Power that moves the world, was the theme chosen for the Cintra Spirit Awards 2015. The award ceremony this year featured talks from CEOs at concessions explaining to our employees, some present and others connected online, hailing from Spain, United States, Australia, Portugal, United Kingdom, Greece, Colombia and Canada, exactly what a Powerful idea represents as a solution to our daily challenges; how Powerful projects make us proud, and what defines the Powerful People who represent us.

On December 10 2015, Cintra brought together its employees to share the success stories and good practices seen at our company during 2015. And the awards themselves were to be congratulated. Participation levels were at record highs, with 43 submissions to the Best Business Achievement category, 18 for the Most Innovative Initiative prize and 137 for the Cintra Spirit award.

For the first time ever, the Best Business Achievement award made a trip of more than 17,000 km, going to the unit behind the opening of Cintra in the Australian market. The team, comprised of Juan Alcalá, Jesús Paniagua, Thomas Wetula, Luis Berriochoa, José Unceta, Borja Llordén and Adriana Cabal, joined the event by telephone at 6 a.m. local time to accept the award, as leaders of the Toowoomba project.

The Most Innovative Initiative prize went to Big Data Projects in the Concessionary Services Division, which represents an extensive group, as the entire traffic teams in Europe and the United States took part in the project. Borja Beltrán, representing Europe for his involvement in validating the Big Data methodology used to create traffic models, accepted the award from María Dionis, Ferrovial's Director of HR, and Iván González, Director of HR at Cintra. Meanwhile, Andrés de los Ríos, for his work on a number of pilot tests with the technology, picked up the award in the United States from Nicolás Rubio, Director of Cintra US, and Michelle Miron, HR Manager at Cintra US.

The finalists for the 2015 Cintra Spirit award were Ignacio Alonso del Molino, from the US Financial Analysis Division; Juan Alcalá, Director of Projects in Australia, and Dympna Farrelly, from the Customer Service team on the Eurolink M4 freeway.

This year the winner was announced by our CEO, Enrique Díaz-Rato. And the 2015 Cintra Spirit Award went to... Juan Alcalá, who joined Cintra in 2008 and has spent his entire career with the company working in the Business and Corporate Development Division.

Thank you to all those who took part in the awards... and congratulations to the winners!



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